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My first attempt at journaling began in December of 2014. I had never attempted anything like it before and all I can say about it is…ugh! I was so tired of trying to have a prayer/devotional time and failing miserably. I desperately wanted to be a part of something MUCH bigger than myself but it did not come easily.  I struggled and a good part of my early attempts involved a lot of crying out to God to help me and giving myself over to Him.  I was definitely not consistent, sometimes only sitting down a couple a times a month.

I am so grateful for the faithfulness of God! Without a doubt I know that I would not have made it to this point without Him.  He so gently wakes me up each morning and will even give me 10 more minutes of sleep on occasion. He is truly loving and long-suffering – I am living proof!


Basically, my blogs are taken from my journal, typed just as I have written them. I open with a short prayer and then read a passage of scripture. After that I usually write whatever I feel the Lord saying to me about the passage. I pray that they may impact you in some small way. Comments are welcome and I would encourage you to share where you are at along your journey as well.

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