With…or Against the Grain


Father, what a busy day this has been. Driving today to be with family during my nieces bridal shower made for a lot of driving but it was well worth the effort to spend time together. Those times are too few and far apart. Thank You for the blessing of family.

Hebrews 5:1-10 (<<click here)

Obedience – it is sort of like sanding wood. I don’t have a lot of experience with sanding wood but I do know that sanding with the grain of the wood gives you a much better, more beautiful result. I suppose You could get rid of some of the rough spots going against the grain but it is more difficult and you don’t end up with the best results

Lord, You know that I am Yours to sand. Rough spots need to be eliminated and who better to do that than the Master Carpenter! What I pray for is that I would be obedient even if it is difficult – when I do so I let You “sand with the grain” of my life. The end result is beautiful. So I need You to help me listen and act when You direct me.

Disobedience causes unnecessary scuffing. In the end it causes me much more discomfort, when You have to “sand against the grain”, and quite often it interferes with Your work – things don’t get done as smoothly as when I cooperate. Lord, I truly want You to do with me as You will for You know best. Thank You for Your love and patience.

Mar 12th, Sat, 9:11 pm