Wait Patiently

I am sorry, Father, that it has taken me longer to get here today. I have allowed lots of things to distract me and now my mind is distracted as I sit here. I implore You to take the little I bring this morning and abundantly multiply for Your glory.

Hebrews 6:13-15

“…Abraham waited patiently and he received what God had promised.”

Patience may be a virtue but, at least for most of us, it does not come easily. Some things can give us instant gratification – a peppermint candy or a quick kiss from someone we love. But other things seem like they will never come – the end of a school for a teacher or Christmas for a child.

But what about God’s promises? Several years ago when I was a children’s pastor we had a guest speaker and he shared with the kids that God can answer our prayers in three ways – with a “YES”, or “NO’ or a “WAIT.” A WAIT?  – now that’s a struggle! And adults struggle just as much as kids do.

Lord, sitting here I have no profound thoughts. What I do know is that You are faithful. For over 50 years You have taken care of me. You have never let me down. You’ve never forsaken me. You’ve never given up on me either. My faith in You is well founded. If I have to wait on You, I will do so patiently. You know what’s best.

Mar 17th, Thurs, 8:44 am