Hand on the Plow

Father, I continue to pray for Your leading in my life. I realize the importance of my responsibility in living my life as Your son. And there is no place that that is not a reality – in the pulpit, at Kohl’s or at home. That is a heavy load to bear but You have graciously given me someone with whom to share the yoke – Your Son, Jesus Christ. And along with that You have given me Your Holy Spirit as Counselor, Comforter and Guide. I am obviously well supported!  And it is also obvious that I am loved.

Really, the only thing that can de-rail my forward movement in You…is me. Many things can fall across my path but it is how I respond to them that makes all the difference. I have ample support from You, but if I disregard it, it doesn’t help me. It is imperative that I keep my eyes on You. I must keep my hand on the plow with no looking back. Luke 9:62

I feel Your presence. I see Your hand at work in my life. My constant prayer is being answered. I am truly blessed.

Mar 21st, Mon, 5:02 am