If Only


Good morning, Father. Thank you for once more having the opportunity to sit with You. May this day be Yours to use as You will – use me in whatever capacity to further Your kingdom.

Hebrews 11:29-40 (<<click here)

Lord, so many people throughout the ages have placed their faith in You and all of us, past and present, rejoice in the fact that we have done so. As today’s passage puts forth many overcame great things in their lives, finding great victory – others despite pain, suffering and loss may not have found everything we deem important in this life here but their victory was none-the-less.

Looking back over our lives it’s sometimes easy to be anxious about the “if onlies.”  If only I’d applied myself more. If only I’d said “no” to this or “yes” to that, who would I be…where would I be. But, Lord, I am so grateful that You can take whatever we have and use it. The good, the bad, the beautiful, and the heinous – everything we have done makes us who we are. We cannot undo what has been done. We can only continue to move forward.

Lord, use me in my entirety. I have not lived a perfect life. There have been many ups and downs. But, Lord, they all have contributed to make me the person that I am. Purge from me what is detrimental to my service to You. Build up what makes me stronger. All-in-all, may I be the man You want me to be – Amen!

May 22nd, Sun, 6:33 am