Embrace What’s Best

Father, I am grateful that You truly care for me. I look back over the last year and can see obvious signs – answered prayers, changed mindsets, altered behaviors spiritual growth and development. Your love has enabled me to be an overcomer. Praise Your Holy Name!

Hebrews 12:11-13 (<<click here)

Over the years, Lord, I have struggled with feelings that I have not been disciplined. Verse 8, in particular, has weighed heavy on my heart. “If God doesn’t discipline you…it means that you are…not really his children at all.” I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am Your child but what about the discipline? In reading through the notes of my study Bible*, it has brought to light that a big factor when we are disciplined is my response to it. Do I fight it? Do I accept it but resent it? Or do I embrace it for what it is, Your helping me to be what I need to be?

Thinking through this reminds me of Massey when he was little. We are not opposed to spanking but I don’t recall ever having to spank him. At that point in his life a stern word could bring him to tears. He would do something inappropriate, we would verbally correct him and send him to his room, he’d wail and cry but in short order he’d come out, say he was sorry and give us a big hug. He was disciplined and has truly turned out to be a fine young man but he didn’t need more drastic measures to be taken to get through to him (another area where he was smarter than I was!)

But, that’s how I respond to Your discipline, God. I don’t fight it, I don’t resent it, I embrace it. I want to be what You want me to be, Lord. I realize that You want what is best for me. You love me…and what could be better than that?

June 6th, Mon, 6:39 am

*New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible