Set Apart

Thank You for a wonderful day yesterday, Father! Thank You for the words You gave me to share in the services and thank You for your palpable presence. Thank You for time well spent with Karen throughout the day and good interaction with Massey on the phone as well!

Hebrews 12:14 (<<click here)

      “…work at living a holy life…”

Lord, I really believe that when we think of the word “holy” we pretty much confine it to a church setting. But it is not just a “church” thing. All the way back in the Old Testament You proclaimed, “For I am the Lord your God. You must consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.” Leviticus 11:44

Simply put, to be holy is to be set apart. We are set apart from the mundane things of this world. Instead we are set apart to live our lives in response to Your call on our lives. We are not to be just like everybody else going through the motions of life – and getting nowhere. But we are set apart for true life which is found only in You.

Eliminating You from life eliminates our purpose for living. If all life is, are these few years we walk this world and then we’re done then we are truly to be pitied. Without purpose there is really nothing to live for. Life is cruel. It is hard. It is unforgiving. And in the long run it is unfulfilling. Rays of joy will occasionally filter through but when we die, that’s it. Death has the final say.

But… we set ourselves apart, when we become holy, we realize that life is not just about here and now. It is more than just me. The things of this world for which we strive will all pass away, but when we set ourselves apart and follow You, we invest in eternity.

All the things we truly cherish in life become more than a hit or miss possibility. And at the core of these cherished things is love. And love of You, and others and ourselves is forever. It never ends. It never dies.

Lord, help us to set ourselves apart – make us holy.

June 13th, Mon, 6:22 am