Father, help me this day to focus on the important things at hand. Too often I go off on tangents and though, in and of themselves there’s nothing wrong with them, I don’t accomplish what I need to. Holy Spirit be with me. Enable me to listen – and focus – Amen

Mathew 5:21-22 (<<click here)

Why is anger so prevalent in my mind? There are many areas in my life that I am in control of – for the most part. But anger? …not so much. It’s very unusual; in fact it’s highly unlikely, that I would lash out in a face to face situation. But when no one’s around…we’ve got a whole other ballgame. I’m sure a good part of it is a genetic propensity. It may be my natural leaning but it’s not good – not good for me spiritually or emotionally. It doesn’t help build up my relationship with Karen either. Lord, you’ve really helped me there. I am grateful – so grateful – that it is rare anymore that she is the focus of my anger. But quite often she is with me when I go off.

I struggle in a few places but my biggest struggle, by far, is behind the wheel. Encapsulated road rage would describe it best. I don’t use gestures, laying on the horn doesn’t happen too often but my mouth? There is very little control there! Now I don’t curse but words like “idiot”, “fool”, “stupid” and “ignoramus” occur quite often. And the way I use them, they might as well be…

Lord, pretty much You equate anger with murder. If my words were torpedoes, my route to and from work each day would be strewn with bodies. Lord, forgive me…I am guilty. And sad to say, I am addicted to it. Anger doesn’t give me a “high” but it is a knee-jerk response. Oh, Lord, help me! I am utterly incapable of conquering this evil on my own. I need You! Holy Spirit help me I pray! Help me eradicate whatever is at the root of this. I give myself over to Your loving wisdom and power.

Amen – so be it!

June 23rd, Thurs, 6:44 am