Super Leaders

There is no better place to begin this week, Father, than here at Your feet. May I find the treasure You have in store for me today and once found may I embrace it and live it out.

Hebrews 13:7 (<<click here)

Lord, this verse admonishes me to “remember the leaders who taught me the word of God.” Wow! That’s a lot to remember! There have been so many in my life. Numerous family members, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teachers, Caravan leaders, Bible Quiz volunteers, Camp speakers, denominational and revival speakers, college professors, radio preachers and, oh, so many friends and fellow churchmen over the years. Some names and sometimes just faces come to mind but I can’t even remember them all. I may falter but, Lord, You know every single one of them. Bless those who are still walking this old earth today and hug those who are with You in glory!

It is overwhelming to think of all those who have impacted me for Your kingdom, Lord. May I take the very best of all of them as I walk my pilgrim journey. May I live it out in such a way that You are lifted high, that You are shown for the wonderful Savior that You are. May I lift the standard high so that others may see and “follow the example of my faith,” as well.

July 11th, Mon, 6:32 am