Sacrifice of Praise

It’s one of those hard to focus mornings, Father. My mind is going every whichaway – thunder is booming, the rain is pouring. I can’t seem to get comfortable. Help me to reel it all in. Help me to give You the attention You deserve.

Hebrews 13: 15-16 (<<click here)

“… through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God…”

Lord, trying to wrap my brain around this passage is a bit of a challenge this morning. One thing I need to be reminded of is that the term sacrifice in the Old Testament didn’t always have connections to sin and forgiveness. Burnt offerings, grain offerings, and peace offerings were all voluntary acts of worship. They could express devotion and surrender to God. They could be intended to recognize Your goodness and provision.

Throughout every day, Lord, I should become more and more aware of the importance of giving You praise. Time and time again You are there for me. Your Holy Spirit within me helps me to pause before I speak, to quickly turn the other way the moment temptations present themselves, to be slow to judge and quick to love, to be diligent in my labors and not frivolous with my time. These things and many, many others should bring praise to You from my lips.

Even when the going gets tough and trials come upon me I am still compelled to praise. You are with me all the way, even though the storms may howl about me. When I do so those around me can see who I am in You and I can testify all that You do for me.

Lord, help me this day to keep my focus on You. Help me to offer “a continual sacrifice of praise to” You throughout each and every day. Amen!

July 18th, Mon, 6:26 am