My Daddy

What a child I am at times, Father. I’ve been up now for over an hour and have not accomplished much at all. I’ve been in the recliner; I’ve been on the floor. I’ve run to the bathroom. I’ve played with my phone. I’ve done everything but what I should be doing! Father, thank You for Your love and patience. Help me Holy Spirit to get to the task at hand. Amen.

Lord, I am truly grateful that You are strong and mighty, that You are a powerful warrior against evil, that You are what tough love is all about, that You are a rock. I am grateful that You fulfill the role of Provider and Savior – that You take care of all the responsible, adult stuff – the serious, important, got to do stuff.

In my mind’s eye, I see You as the patriarch of the family – taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of. You are my Father. I don’t totally understand all You do – all the detail and complications of Your work. You’re the great Doctor of body and soul. You’re the great Keeper of the Peace, defending the needy, upholding the Law. You’re the great Engineer of Creation, keeping all the detailed intricacy of life in working order. You are the Great Educator, helping us to understand what it means to live this life and how to get through it. You’re my Father and I know You do important things. And I love You for that.

But You’re my Daddy, too. Sometimes I forget this wonderful aspect of who You are. With all the big, bad things, all the really important things that need to be dealt with in this world, the Daddy part of our relationship gets pushed out of the way. But it’s me that does it – not You.

Even with all the big things going on, You love me. You want to spend time with me. You want to invest in me, dote on me, lavish upon me the beauty of Your creation. You love me!

I may act like a child but You know where I need to grow up and You know where I need to remain a child. You realize that sometimes we “grow up” too much, that child-like faith is important – that dependence upon You is important. You, more than anyone, knows that I need to crawl up on Your lap, be enfolded in Your arms and just sit.

Lord, may it be so.

July 20th, Wed, 6:58 am