Jump In!

Father, I feel the need to write this morning but I also feel like I need to experience stillness in Your presence. Stillness can be a challenge, especially at this home. We’ve so enjoyed having family in but it is wearying – on the go constantly! It makes it easy to doze off. But, Father, You are with me. It is quiet, it is good.

The Valley of Vision quote of the day:

            “Thou dost not move men like stones,
                But dost endue them with life,
                Not to enable them to move without thee,
                But in submission to thee, the first mover. “

James 1:6 (<<click here)

Lord, a note in my study Bible* has got me thinking, It says “We must believe not only in the existence of God but also in his loving care.” There are some who refuse to believe that You are there. Many more don’t deny Your existence but that’s as far as they go.

You have gone to incredible lengths to enable us to have a relationship with You. That is why we were created. All of humanity has a deep desire for completion. We seek meaning. But in so many instances we look everywhere but to You. The devil surely has a hand in it but we ultimately have the final say.

It’s not enough to believe You exist. If we can just realize that you love us and truly experience that love – it changes everything! We are completed! All of the holes in our lives are filled in! We have a purpose!

Lord, I receive Your love every day! Help me to savor it. Help me to jump into it with both feet and arms wide open. Exuberant to throw myself into the pristine, vast ocean depths of Your love!

I would ask, too, Lord, that I would not be content to come alone. May I eagerly bring others to You, so that they too may experience the greatness of Your love and who You truly are! AMEN!

Aug 3rd, Wed, 5:44 am

*New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible