Listen Twice as Much

Thank You, Father, for Your watch care over us through the night. There was nothing scary or traumatic going on, I am just grateful that You are always there. We become weary and require sleep but “Behold, He who keeps Israel [and us!} will neither slumber or sleep.” Psalm 121:4 Praise Your holy name!

James 1:19-20 (<<click here)

“…quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

I cannot recall when I originally heard it – it may have been when I was a Children’s Pastor but it was said that the reason we were given two ears and one mouth is because we should listen twice as much as we speak.

Lord, this is something with which You have been working with me. I have not mastered it yet but it pops in my head much more often than it used to. It’s so easy to listen to someone share something and then be tempted to share a similar experience on my part. And sometimes, though I don’t think I do it deliberately, it’s almost like I am trying to “one up” them. “That happened to you? Well, listen what happened to me!”

Thank You, Lord, for Your patience with me. Help me, more and more, to be “quick to listen” and “slow to speak.” Help me to put others before myself. Help me to listen between the lines. Many who talk with me are saying more than their mouths are communicating. Enable me to discern what’s being said and to act according to Your will and direction. Touch others through me.

Aug 10th, Wed, 7:15 am