“No” To the Little Things

What would I do, Father, if You were not with me every moment of the day? Sin is an ever-present danger. Without You, I wouldn’t stand a chance. Time after time, only because of You, I have stood against the onslaught. On occasion, I linger just a little too long and get burnt. But You help me to turn, I listen to Your admonishment and my life has meaning. I do not fall. You salve my burns and I carry on. I cherish Your love and patience. Your mercy and grace are humbling. In and through You, my life has meaning. Only in You can I experience the victory of overcoming.

Lord Jesus, I know that sin is sin and that I cannot rank them, there are not “almost OK” sins and “really bad” sins. They all separate us from You. I have experienced “crash and burn” sins in my life more often than I care to remember and I am so grateful that those have been far less frequent in my life over the last several months.

My battles these days seem to move in the realm of saying “no” to the little things. Again sin is sin but quite often a temptation presents itself – it’s not some huge thing that can easily be stood against and avoided. But many times it’s a fleeting thought or a simple glance or an enticing tidbit to my ears. If I dwell just a little too long, I am that much further down the trail, that much closer to yielding – I start to rationalize that it’s not that big of a deal.

But it is a big deal! A breached dam usually begins with a trickle. Every “little” thing needs to be stopped in its tracks. I am weak and fallible but thankfully You are strong and stalwart and You choose to be with me! Help me to listen. Help me to always be aware that you are always there. As long as, I live my life in You – we got this!

Aug 30th, Tue, 6:36 am