“It Is Finished”

Father, as I continue to read through my prayer book quite often I have to re-read the previous days. My heart, soul, and mind have to marinate a bit. 🙂 Here is a portion from yesterday’s reading that has given me much cause to think:

O God the Holy Spirit…
Lead me to the cross…
Help me to find in [Christ’s] death the reality and
    immensity of his love.
Open for me the wondrous volumes of truth in his,
    ‘It is finished.’

Lord Jesus, that last line just catches me! I can think a little into it but I struggle to wrap my mind around it. It most certainly is not something I can do with little effort.

‘It is finished,’ of course are Your last recorded words prior to Your death on the cross. John 19:30

The most obvious question is what is finished? This is what comes to mind:

  • The task You had come to earth to accomplish – the giving of Yourself in a once-and-for-all payment for the sins of all of humanity.
  • Death- until Your return we have to experience it but it is defeated – it no longer has the final word – You do
  • Sin – again we must still contend with it every day of our lives but because of Your victory and because Your Holy Spirit lives within us, we can now defeat it in Your strength and power

…to be continued…

Aug 31st, Wed, 6:49 am