Judged More Strictly

Father, thank You for a wonderful day yesterday. I loved spending the entire day with Karen. In the hectic lives we live, those kinds of days are few and far between. You have truly blessed me with a companion like no other – a helpmate par excellence – the true love of my life – a constant source of smiles and laughter. I am so grateful that You father, in Your great wisdom, made us one.

James 3:1 (<<click here)

“…not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.”

Lord, may I never take my responsibilities lightly as a pastor. And truly these responsibilities impact me not just in the pulpit but in every aspect of my life – home and work included. All those who claim to follow You bear the burden of practicing what we preach, every moment of our lives. Some may be irked at this facet of our Christian life but we are constantly under the scrutiny of those around us. Those who do not know You, Lord, watch us to see if what we proclaim holds water or if it’s just a lot of talk.

What we do impacts those around us. Quite often what we don’t do speaks just as loudly. Lord, Your Word clearly states that we, Your children, will be held accountable. May I conscientiously, with Your constant influence, Holy Spirit, live out my life to Your glory! May I be a positive reflection on Your kingdom, drawing men and women to You – not pushing them further away. Amen.

Sept 2, Fri, 5:49 am