Like to Subscribe?

We’ve added a couple of new features and just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of them. On the left column you now have the option of subscribing to “More than Useless”. Basically what this means is that when a new blog post gets put up, you’ll receive an email copy of it, along with links to the blog.  You may have also noticed the  “‘Like’ us on Facebook” link and if you’re on Facebook, definitely give that a click!  In addition to these, we’re also trying to set up automatic posts to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  We have a few bugs to work out (hence the later Facebook post yesterday!) but we will be getting there soon. So, if you have friends, kids, grandkids, acquaintances, etc. that prefer one of those other formats, be sure to let them know that we’re (soon to be) on those too! Again, thanks for your support and may your day bring glory to God! {And as always, Gig ‘Em & God Bless from Tech Support 😛 }