Simple Yes or No

Once again, Father, thank You for waking me. Thank You for enabling me to wrap up some things for church tomorrow. May this day be full of Your blessings. May every word and step be guided by You. Amen

James 5:12 (<<click here)

“…a simple yes or no…”

Lord, I like what my study Bible* has to say about this verse – it’s very much to the point.

A person with a reputation for exaggeration or lying often can’t get anyone to believe him on his word alone. Christians should never become like that. Always be honest so that others will believe your simple yes or no. By avoiding lies, half-truths, and omissions of the truth you will become known a trust-worthy person.

I can’t remember specifics but honesty was one of those things that was driven into my mindset very early on. To this day I couldn’t lie to save myself. I’m not the best front man for getting people to surprise parties, to say the least. I am just not good at contriving a story line that is not truthful – no matter how innocent.

Of course, growing up adds all kinds of complications. And working with people adds even more. Balancing love and truth can be a challenge. But experience has taught me that tough love is sometimes what is most needed.

Lord, You lived out tough love. You were always straightforward but loving when You dealt with sinners – the woman at the well, the rich young ruler, and the woman caught in adultery all come to mind. May I follow Your example every day. Amen.

Oct 8th, Sat, 7:33 am

*Life Application Study Bible New Living Translation