Gone Too Far?


Father, help me to give my attention to You this morning. You have much to teach me. Help me block out all my mind’s distractions as we come together. Amen.

James 5:19-20 (<<click here)

Why is it, Lord, that we tend to write off those who have wandered from the faith? Why do we not more aggressively pursue those who have let their relationship with You grow cold with the warmth of Your love?

Part of it, I’m sure, is just plain apathy – we just don’t care. Lord, forgive us.

Part of it, too, is that sometimes we don’t really notice. It can be a gradual thing. We get caught up with our own lives and don’t realize what’s happening until way down the path. Lord, make us attentive.

Quite often we feel that they’ve just gone too far, they’ve crossed the line one too many times and that’s it – we write them off. They’re a lost cause. But, Lord, haven’t we all gone too far? Haven’t we all crossed that line one too many times? And do You write us off? No, You don’t! You are the father of the prodigal and every one of us has squandered Your bounty in “wild living” Luke 15:11-32

Lord, fill me with Your grace and mercy. I have wandered time and again and I am now in Your arms of love. None of us is ever so far gone that we would not be welcomed back when we seek Your forgiveness. May I be more like You. May my heart burn with that desire to bring the wanderers back into the fold. Amen.

Oct 11th, Tues, 6:25 am