Log in My Eye

May this day be Yours, Father. May You be glorified in worship, and throughout the day in all we do. Fill us, change us. Amen

1 Peter 2:1 (<<click here)

As I sit here this morning, Lord, the portion of verse 1 that jumps out at me is, “Be done with…all unkind speech.” This, to say the least, is a challenge for just about all of us. My first thought went to all the absolutely awful assault of words, from both sides, following our presidential elections – “unkind” is an understatement! But then as I was pointing a finger at others, my own fingers pointed back at me. The last several days on the road have been stressful and on more than one occasion my words have definitely been “unkind”.

Whether it’s complaining about people at work, or expressing our dissatisfaction with a family member’s actions in a derogatory manner or thinking less of someone because they don’t do or think as we think they should – it all involves “unkind speech.”

Lord, forgive me. I am guilty and have no right to point out the faults of others. Your word from Mathew 7:5 comes to mind,

“Hypocrite! first get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.”

May it be so, Lord, Amen!

Nov. 13th, Sun, 6:13 am