Serving Abroad

Good morning, Father. It is good to come together with You today. With all the upheaval in life recently, help me to get back into a regular routine once more. Thank You for Your palpable presence the last couple of weeks. I couldn’t have done it without You.

1 Peter 2:11 (<<click here)

Lord, as I read this verse, it is just full! It’s difficult to focus on one point when there are so many facets to take in.

One of the first things that pop into my head is the image of a sailor serving abroad. Though he is not “home” he is undeniably a representative of “home.” While abroad everything he says and does reflect on his “home.” I have read stories and seen portrayals of sailors on shore leave who have gotten themselves into all kinds of trouble thinking they could do and say whatever they wanted because they were away from “home” and no one knew them and no one from “home” would find out – they see themselves as incognito! To many the allure of the world pulls them in and illicit behavior and carousing begin. Before they know it their reflection of “home” is dirtied and their image is tainted.

As the old song goes, “This world is not my home; I’m just a passing through.” Lord, I am Your child and my home is with You. I’m not able to get home just yet but I am serving You abroad. Help me to avoid the things of this world that are so alluring. Keep my heart and mind pure. May my focus be on what would make those at home proud.

Dec 3rd, Sat, 4:46 am