Father, what a day this has been. A rough start most assuredly but with Your intervention things fell under Your direction and here I sit having worked through a portion of Sunday’s message and feeling that I need to spend some time – just me and You. Bless our time together, Father – may it be pleasing in Your sight. Amen.

1 Peter 2:13-14 (<<click here)

Lord, Paul addressed this in Titus 3 and I wrote about it way back in February of this year and though the political horizon is on the verge of change, many still struggle with what this verse is conveying. Your word states explicably, “For [Your] sake, respect all human authority…”

No matter who is (or who is going to be) in charge, someone is not going to like it. It seems that in today’s society it is almost a dead draw. In the last several elections, races have been tight – very close to 50/50. And cries have risen from both sides. Who is right and who is wrong? I truly believe that everyone must shoulder portions of both.

But where we all err is the fact that we, as a whole, do not “respect all human authority.” And, Lord, I am right in the middle of it all. I have said many unkind things. I have had many disturbing thoughts. I have grimaced more times that I would care to remember upon seeing individuals of authority speaking or even just media shots of them walking for that matter – shameful!

Lord, wherever I may be, in whatever circumstance I find myself, be it local or global, may I follow your command to R-E-S-P-E-C-T all human authority.” Because when we really get down to it, You, Lord, are the ultimate authority. Absolutely no one outranks the Creator of the universe. You have allowed every authority to be where they are good and bad. And each fulfills your purpose, no matter how ugly it may get. We do not know all your ways. We are only called to respect – You first and foremost, and then others, as well.

Dec 8th, Thurs, 8:48 pm