Sextillion and Counting!

Father, this morning I have already been praying that I would follow the course You have set before me this day. May I make the most of it. Enable me to do what is pleasing in Your eyes. Amen.

I love where we live. We have to drive a bit to get to most things but the pros outweigh the cons by far. A special treat I get occasionally is a clear sky at night. I got out of my truck last night after a full day at work and was immediately caught up in the beauty of the night sky. We are far enough out that we don’t have to contend with city lights and we don’t have any glaring lights around the house either.

As I gaze into the heavens, I never cease to be amazed. I saw familiar constellations. Orion is one I readily see. And as I glanced to the northern sky, there was the Big Dipper in all of its splendor! Breathtaking!

Lord, as I sat down with You this morning, these thoughts entered my mind. I knew stars are mentioned in the Psalms, so I Googled it and Psalm 147:4-5a came up.

“He counts the stars and calls them all by name. How great is our Lord!”

Lord, You are the creator of all that is. Looking up I could not begin to count the stars I can see with my naked eye. Even scientists have to guess. Their estimate is that there are 1 sextillion stars in the observable universe – that’s a one followed by 21 zeros!

We guess but You know, Lord. You know exactly how many stars there are but it’s not just some cold calculation! You “call them all by name. How great is our Lord!”

It is awesome to think about but even more astounding is that You know me and You love me. How great is my Lord!

Jan 26th, Thurs, 8:41 am