Waking up 30 minutes later than I like makes me think I should have stayed up when woken an hour before I try to get up. Father, I should not have second guessed Your earlier call.

Sleep. We all need it. Not getting an, over time, can wreak havoc on our body and our brain. Getting too much impacts our productivity.

Almost two years ago I began my quest to deepen my relationship with God. To do that, I needed to spend more time with Him. And for me, that meant getting up earlier – so in some instances that meant less sleep. The best time, for me, was the pre-dawn hours. In the quiet morning hours, I am quiet. The house is quiet. The road in front of the house is more quiet. I can pray. I can read. I can write. During the “quiet” time I can hear You, Lord, before the clamor of my day begins.

I have greatly benefited from these early morning rendezvous. Some days aren’t a problem whatsoever, other days (like today!) I struggle. But part of what keeps me going, Lord, is seeing the example You set while here on earth.

On many occasions, You would just stay up and would go off “to lonely places and pray.” (Luke 5:16Mark 1:35 says, “Before daybreak…[You] got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.” You understand. You realized the importance of “alone time” with the Father. Even when You were exhausted, after a full day of teaching and healing and walking, You took the time to be alone with Your Father. Recharging Your physical battery was important but charging your spiritual battery was even more so.

The trade off, Lord is so worth it. What I glean from time spent with you sustains my life far more than that extra hour of sleep. Thank you, Jesus, for Your example. May I remain faithful – no matter the cost. Amen.

Jan 31st, Tues, 6:40 am