Big Enough

Father, I am grateful that You are a big enough God that I, and everyone else for that matter, can come to You anytime, anywhere, and you are there for us. You want us to come to You. You want us to ask questions. You want us to not be afraid to vent – You are big enough to handle our anger and frustrations. We can’t alienate you. We can’t turn You away. Because we are Your children – even for those who may be checking You out to see if You are the real deal – we can come to You at any time. Thank You, Father, for being more than big enough to handle it all.

And, Lord, that is what I feel compelled to do this morning. I read a passage, I’ve thought on it some but…it will wait. This morning we just need to talk. Lord, “Speak, your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10

Feb. 21st, Mon, 6:30 am