Give It Your All

Father, the train is slow leaving the station this morning! Help me to get “a ‘rollin’”. I am eager to hear what You want to share with me.

2 Peter 1:1-2 (<<click here)

“May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”

One of the most important things we can do as followers of You, Lord, is to spend time – quality time – with You. We want all the benefits and privileges of our relationship with You but too often we balk at investing time and effort in getting to know You better.

So many examples in life come to mind in relation to this mindset. We want the income and perks of a good job but we don’t want to do what it takes to do the job well – we scrimp and short change our employer and try to get by with as little investment on our part as possible.

In so many of today’s relationships with the opposite sex, we want all of the benefits of an intimate relationship but we avoid commitment. So many build on unstable foundations because we want all the “good stuff” up front and forgo the love and dedication it takes to make a long lasting allegiance.

Lord, I am sure that there are some in my congregation who wish I would back off on my constant call for them to set aside time to read Your Word and speak with You and listen to You each and every day… but it is vital that we do so!

If we want to receive “more and more grace and peace” from Your bountiful supply we must grow in [our] knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.”

Lord, may we all have an unquenchable desire to know You more. Take our relationship to new depths. Amen

Feb. 27th, Mon., 6:30 am