Father, You want me to have a relationship with You – a close personal, intimate relationship. I love the fact that we have that kind of connection. But I also realize that You are a being far above and beyond me. I am in awe of Your majesty and power. I come to You freely because of Your love and forgiveness, but I also come with the utmost of reverence and respect. What a privilege to by Your child!

2 Peter 1:3 (<<click here)

“…God has given us everything we need for living a godly life.” And He has “…called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence.”

Lord, we have absolutely no excuse. You have empowered us with everything we could possibly need to live a life fully devoted to fulfilling Your will for us and Your kingdom. You are our source. You are our mighty reservoir. You are the storehouse that meets every need.

James tells us that we “don’t have what [we] want because [we] don’t ask God for it.” But…he goes on to say, “And even when [we] ask, [we] don’t get it because [our] motives are all wrong—[we] want only what will give [us] pleasure.” James 4:2-3

Lord, we are told that You have given us everything we need. We need not be defeated. We are strong in You. Today, Lord, I ask for Your blessing upon myself. May I give myself over to You, so as to be the recipient of everything you have for me. May I been all that You want me to be. Use me for Your glory. Use me for the furtherance of Your kingdom. And may I remember, by no means, thatYour blessings are not just things. Your unending supplies include love and grace and mercy and compassion. Fill me to the uttermost with these most of all. Amen.

Feb 28th, Tues, 6:31 am