My Paracletos

I am grateful, Father, that it is not just the spiritual mountaintop experiences of life nor just the valleys of desperation and great need that I realize Your presence. Even on the humdrum, routine, same old, same old days, You are by my side. Thank You for loving me through all the ups and downs and in between.

1 John 2:1-2 (<<click here)

Advocate. The New American Standard Bible tells me that the original Greek for this word is Paracletos which means one called alongside to help. I so realize the importance and necessity of You being my Advocate, Lord. There is no one more qualified to be my defender before the Holy Father. You alone are “truly righteous”. You alone are “the sacrifice that atones for our sins”.

Yes, You are my Advocate but that word goes beyond the formality of defense. To me, that word and the word Paracletos convey the reality of personal, caring, hands-on attention. I surely need Your help but it is far from cold, calculated and formal. It is warm and caring. It is compassionate. You are not just doing Your duty like a court appointed attorney. You love me. You truly care about me. You have my best interests in mind. You want the weight of my sins removed so I can fully experience the benefits of our relationship. You “come alongside to help.”

It is impossible for me to do any of this on my own. Only when You “come alongside to help” will I find success. You alone are the atoning sacrifice for my sins. Thank You, Lord, for the work You do in my life and through my life.

Apr 4th, Tues, 6:43 am