The Long and Winding Road

Father, the day is before us. I know not what all it will entail…but You do. As it is just beginning to unfold, I place myself in Your hands. I would ask that You be in my thoughts, work through me to accomplish Your will as I interact with fellow associates and with customers, as well. May all I do be flavored with You. Amen.

1 John 2:12-14 (<<click here)

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a big fan of The Beatles but I’ve listened to many of their songs and for whatever reason, one of them keeps coming to mind this morning – “The Long and Winding Road.”

I don’t know exactly where the heart and mind of Paul McCartney were when he wrote the song but, for me at least, it speaks of life, as it surely is a long and winding road.

Lord, as John is writing here in chapter 2, he seems to be speaking of the winding road of our lives and how You impact them. Our lives are forever changed because of Your forgiveness. The circumstances of our lives lead us here and there, meandering all about but for those who faithfully follow You no matter where our journey takes us the road leads to Your door.

You, Lord, are the constant of our lives. You provide the stability that life always seems to be missing. We make choices, saying and doing things that take us all kinds of directions but You are the guiding hand that keeps us grounded and continues to steer us in the right direction. We are your children because You have forgiven us and as we mature in our relationship with You, we can clearly see that regardless of the path our lives take, it always brings us back to You. May that always be so. Amen.

April 11th, Tues, 6:34 am