The Reality of You

Thank You, Father, for You, for Your overwhelming love, for the reality of who You are. Where, oh where, would I be without You! I love You, Father…

I tend to get fairly emotional when I am weary and, Lord, I have surely been both the last few days. But I also know that it is far more than weariness that has brought me to tears over the last few days. I have cried and am crying even as I type…because of You. Just thinking of You and all that You have done for me…all that You went through…for me…for all of us…

Readying for last night’s Maundy Thursday service, I listened to Michael Cards, “Come to the Table”, to Twila Paris’s “Lamb of God”, and to Cheri Keaggy’s “In Remembrance of Me” and I wept… In preparation for our Easter Sunrise service, I listened to Sandi Patty’s “They Could Not” and I wept…

Then during last night’s service, we partook of communion. As I called people forward, I stood at the front with the plate and the cup. As they dipped their bread into the cup, I wept… I usually pass along a verbal blessing to each person by name, bidding them to remember what You did for them and conclude with, “bless you.” I could barely get out the bless You through my tears. Even now I weep. Oh, what You did for me, Lord!

Then this morning, before sitting down to type, I read a young mother’s post on Facebook. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing.

Tonight we went to a passion play. Worried how Clay would respond we sat in the back, next to the door where the characters came in & out. I explained the process of what was happening…for the most part he was mesmerized. I kept asking him “is this real?” And he would respond, “no it’s a play!”

Half way through before Jesus was arrested, Jesus left the stage and came to the door we were standing by! Clay jumped out of my arms and whispered to me “look it’s Jesus! Oh, Mommy, I need to tell him that I love him, please let me go & please come with me.” Once he had my permission he literally ran to Jesus! This gracious man playing the role of Jesus squatted down, held out his hands as Clay ran to him, he hugged tightly, as he normally does…and he whispered in Jesus’ ear, “I love you, Jesus!” The actor hugged him back, and said back to him, “I love you too! Thank you for giving me a hug!”

This happened in the darkness of the scene, in the darkness of the sanctuary, no one knew it happened, except a tearful Mommy, a proud Daddy, a child & Jesus (both the actor & the Son of Man)!

In the darkness of your life, circumstances; look to the one who is reaching out to you waiting for your embrace & waiting for you to hear those words, “I love you too!”

Oh, the reality of who You are, Jesus. And it’s not just at Christmas, nor is it just at Easter. You are alive and well and are by my side. Where, oh where, would I be without You!

Apr 14th, Fri, 5:35 am