Thou Art with Me

Thank You, Father, for accompanying me yesterday through two worship services, travel to and from Newark as we spent some precious time with Karen’s aunt and uncle who is recovering from a stroke, a short visit with her mom and dad and then a little time with just the two of us before retiring for the evening. Nothing big, but nothing below You, Father. You are all about relationship and You are constantly investing in our relationship. What a wonderful gift to me. Thank You, Father.

Thinking along these lines, I am remembering something that happened when I was a sophomore in college. I was a part of a traveling ministry team. We were on the road, and being college students we didn’t have much money. In fact, one of the girls had no money that weekend. We stopped for a quick bite at McDonald’s and to make a long story short, You provided a sandwich, I believe, for her by granting one of us a peel off Monopoly game sticker!

It may not have been anything big but it made me think then and it makes me think now, 30+ years later, You love us. You created and maintain the universe! But You know and care for each of us. You take time for me. You are never too busy. I am not a bother. I am Your cherished child.

As I go through this day, Father, I know You go with me. A portion of Psalm 23:4 comes to mind and I learned it from the King James Version,

“… I will fear no evil… for thou art with me…”

Thou are with me… and I carry on. Amen.

May 22nd, Mon, 6:26 am