I humbly come before You this morning, Father. This day will be full and I need Your guiding hand from start to finish. I pray for Your touch as Your front man for two worship services, may I be sensitive to Your Spirit. Then we will head out to celebrate a graduate’s accomplishments out of town with family. I pray for traveling mercies to and from. Thank you for Your love and watch care over us all. Amen.

3 John 1-8 (<<click green)

Hospitality. Googling the word got me this definition: the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Lord, as I read this passage and ponder on this concept, it brings many fond memories. Growing up in a pastor’s home I remember many instances of receiving and extending hospitality. I remember food and laughter, interacting with evangelists and missionaries on furlough. I remember being the guests of the loving members of our congregations. The give and take, the shared communion with fellow believers surely benefits one and all.

One of Karen and my favorite times is when we host our annual Open House prior to Christmas. In my 15 years of ministry here I have seen many faces in my home, many of whom now sit at Your banquet table. Cherished memories come to mind, as in my mind’s eye, I have walked from room to room intermingling with the different clusters of people of all ages. There has been much love and laughter, lots of smiles and joy, as we have enjoyed a meal and heartfelt interaction.

Lord, opening our homes, our lives…ourselves…to each other is vital to our growth and development. May I be a part of blessing the “ties that bind our hearts in Christian love.” May I pursue doing so more frequently. Enable me to open up my home and my heart to support and encourage those you send my way. Amen.

May 28th, Sun, 6:25 am