Caught Off Guard

Thank You, Father, for an exceptionally productive day yesterday. All the pieces and parts are ready for Sunday and I got some much-needed work done in our yard barn. Thank You, too, for a good night’s sleep.

Revelation 1:7 (<<click green)

Lord, I truly believe that this verse illumines a key truth. When it says “everyone will see [You]” and “all the nations will mourn for – because of – [You] ”, it is making it clear that we – all of humanity will know it is You. There will be no guessing or wondering, we will know.

We may run from You, say we don’t believe in You and ignore You. We can say You don’t exist and that Your are not who You claim to be…but down, down deep in our soul we know the truth. We can deny it all we want, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

When You come “with the clouds of heaven” the entirety of humanity will see You and instantly know when You are…and we will morn. The Amplified Bible spells it out when it says,

“all the tribes (nations) of the earth will mourn over him [realizing their sin and guilt and anticipating the coming wrath].”

Lord, I don’t’ know where I will be when this event takes place but I can say this with great assurance, “I know now who You are.” I will not be caught off guard. I will not be unprepared. I will be ready! Help me, Lord, to diligently be about Your work that I may show many others the way into Your kingdom so they will know You now as well. Amen.

June 9th, Fri, 6:40 am