Father, I am still in awe from watching the simple beauty of Your creation last night at supper. I witnessed no majestic waterfall or arching rainbow but as I sat in my own home I was mesmerized by the swaying of the cattails in the drainage ditch across the road. It doesn’t sound very picturesque but they were beautiful as the wind rushed through them – waves of green with their dark brown, sausage like flowers undulating with each gust.

Hundreds each day zoom by with nary a glance. It’s a drainage ditch by one of the thousands of fields running alongside an ordinary stretch of state highway – another unobtrusive parcel of land among many. It may seem that it is not worthy of being noticed but You, Lord, You notice and You fill it with the beauty of Your creation.

At times we all feel that we are just another drainage ditch amongst thousands. In our mind’s eye, we are ordinary, we are plain, our lives are inconsequential. We may be similar to the other ditches across our world but regardless of how we feel…we are unique. We are not mundane. Because of Your touch, we are filled with beauty. Others may rush by and not notice but beauty ignored is no less beautiful.

Lord, may I not forget how much I am valued in Your eyes. I am unique; I am beautiful because of You. and may I not zoom past others – ignoring who they are in Your sight. May I see the beauty You have bestowed upon them as well. Amen.

June 25th, Sun, 6:32 am