Lead Me

Today is a sluggish day, Father. I am weary and none to motivated. Help me to focus and accomplish what You would have me to. May I think clearly and act decisively. I give myself over to You. Amen.

In preparing for this past Sunday’s worship service, Lord, you brought to my mind a hymn that I remember from my childhood. It is entitled, God Leads Us Along, and it was written by George A. Young in 1903. Here are the lyrics,

In shady, green pastures so rich and so sweet,
God leads His dear children along.
Where the water’s cool flow bathes the weary one’s feet,

God leads His dear children along.

Some thro’ the waters, some through the flood,
Some thro’ the fire, but all through the blood.
Some thro’ great sorrow, but God gives a song,
In the night season and all the day long.

Sometimes on the mount where the sun shines so bright,
God leads His dear children along.
Sometimes in the valley in darkest of night,
God leads His dear children along.

Though sorrows befall us and Satan oppose,
God leads His dear children along;
Through grace we can conquer, defeat all our foes,
God leads His dear children along.

Away from the mire, and away from the clay,
God leads His dear children along;
Away up in glory, eternity’s day,
God leads His dear children along.

(Here’s a nice arrangement by Travis Cottrell if you’d like to listen just click on the title, God Leads Us Along)

When I looked up those lyrics to put them in PowerPoint for worship a little story was attached.

Around 1942, Haldor Lillenas decided to track down George Young’s widow and find out more about this hymn. He got an address in a small town and, driving there, he stopped at a gas station to ask for directions. When the attendant saw the address, he said, “Why sir, that’s the County Poor House, up the road about three miles. And mister, when I say poor house, I really mean poor house!”

Not knowing what to expect, Lillenas made his way there. He found Mrs. Young, a tiny, elderly woman, in surroundings that were far from congenial. However, she radiated the joy of the Lord, and spoke of how He’d guided her and her husband over many years. Then, she exclaimed, “Dr. Lillenas, God led me here! I’m so glad He did, for you know, about every month someone comes into this place to spend the rest of their days…So many of them don’t know my Jesus. I’m having the time of my life introducing them to Jesus! Dr. Lillenas, isn’t it wonderful how God leads!”

Lord, I am grateful that You lead me. Keep me close by Your side. Amen.

July 13th, Thurs, 11:02 am