One Author

What a nice, relaxing day Karen and I had together yesterday, Father. Thank You for Your blessings on our services, our bite of lunch together and the rest of the day that we quietly spent at home. I am truly blessed!

Revelation 3:7-8 (<<click the green)

When we look at the Bible so many people see different things. Many see different writings by different people during different times of history. The only continuity some see is that a great portion of the Old Testament pertains to the nation of Israel and the New Testament deals with the life of You, Lord Jesus, an Israelite, and how Your followers continued to spread his message – the Good News, that is, the Gospel – the salvation You have extended to the world, throughout the world.

But in reality, it is all interconnected…it is intertwined. The books in the Book were written by a variety of people but there was one Author. The Bible, Lord, is Your story, communicating Your creation of us, Your love for us and Your pursuit of us, from the beginning of time until its end.

I love Your interjection of Isaiah 22:22 in the midst of Your message to the churches here in Revelation. Something written so long ago – 800 years before Your coming to live amongst us – found its fulfillment in a church that came into being after Your return to the Father.

Sovereign Lord, You hold the key of David and what You have opened – salvation – “no one can close” and what You have closed “no one can open” – the judgment of all the world is certain. (Concepts communicated in my study Bible*.)

Lord, Your Word clearly tells us that no matter how independent we may find ourselves, no matter how much free will we assert – we find our salvation in You and You alone, not in and of ourselves, and when all is said and done, we will have to answer to You…no ifs, ands or buts.

July 24th, Mon, 6:33 am

*Life Application Study BIble New Living Translation