Father, I have to trust that You will accomplish what You desire with what I post each day. For whatever reason, the last couple of posts have gone up on Facebook without the picture that is on the blog. It is frustrating on my part because I realize sometimes people are drawn to read on that alone. But, Father, I would pray that whoever needs to read it will be drawn by Your Spirit to do so. May my offering to You be used however You see fit. Amen.

Revelation 4:1-6 (<<click the green)

What the Apostle John witnessed must have been absolutely, overwhelmingly stunning! Holy Spirit, You helped him write but I would imagine that his mind must have been reeling with images for which he felt there were no words. “Gemstones” and “lightning” and “a shiny sea of glass” communicated what he saw as clearly as he could. I am sure that when I see these indescribable things that I will be impressed that John could describe them at all!

Lord, as human beings we feel that we have to be able to understand and explain everything. We are frustrated when we can’t. I truly believe that that is why some will not believe in You, for You cannot be totally understood and explained. We cannot fit You into molds of our own making. You are greater and more powerful than our human minds can comprehend.

This malady is what holds so many back as well. We don’t impact the Your world as we should because we believe that we have forced You into our own molds and in so doing we have this concept of You that is limited. It is small and relatively powerless. How far from the truth!

Lord, may we not shy away from embracing You for who You are. Yes, You are too awesome for us to fully understand but may we let it all envelop us. May we be carried away by the immensity of it all, safe and secure in Your mighty arms – knowing that in spite of our lack of comprehension that You know us in spite of our smallness and frailty. May Your awesomeness inspire us to do great things for You – in Your time frame and in Your strength and wisdom. I pray that You would give us the words we need to describe the indescribable. Amen.

Aug 8th, Tues, 6:25 am