Full Service

My dear Father, thank You for loving me the way You do – such patience, such compassion. I cherish our relationship. Enable me to protect it, to avoid pitfalls that would allow things to come between us. Everything else falls into place when I put You front and center in my life. Amen.

Matthew 4:23-25 (<<click the green)

When I was very young there was still a thing called full-service gas stations. Individuals would come out and fill up your gas tank for you. Many also checked your oil, cleaned your windows, and checked the air in your tires. As oil prices continued to rise in the 70’s these services quietly faded away. (Though there is a station not too far from home that will still fill your tank for you!)

Lord, when Your ministry began You hit the ground running as we say. You didn’t ease into it. These verses in Matthew state that right off the bat You “went throughout all Galilee, teaching…and preaching…and healing”. Everyone and everything was taken care of. Your service was from the heart and no one was excluded – Your own people, the Jews, and Gentiles alike. You touched the body, mind, and soul. You took every opportunity to serve.

Lord…do I do that? …not as much as I should. You gave of Yourself freely. I do sometimes…but I tend to hold back. I let personal feelings and prejudices factor in way too often. I am fearful to lay it all out – fearful of what people’s reactions might be if I clearly share my faith – fearful that my seemingly small reserves will be gone in seconds with nothing left for me.

Lord, I know that I am farther along than I used to be but, please help me to see more through Your eyes – to not miss those who need You and Your touch in their lives. May I love like You love, teach like You, preach like You and even heal like You.

Lord, full-service gas stations may be a thing of the past but a full-service God and Savior are most assuredly not –touch the world through me. Amen.

Oct 8th, Sun, 6:33 am