As I think over the last several days, Father, I realize with the utmost of certainty that You have been by our side all along the journey. It is always an extremely busy time of year in the retail world but adding hours of sitting with family needing our comfort and support added to the load. You are our sustainer and provider, Father. You have used us in so many ways – all praise to You!

Matthew 5:38-42 (<<click the green)

Revenge…there really isn’t a nice way to even say the word. But even the nicest amongst us have had the thought traipse through our minds on occasion.

We have all been hurt…stepped on…belittled…disrespected. And we have all, at some point and time, plotted to get even. Many follow through on their plotting and some just think about it but as we’ve already learned, Lord, thinking about it is the same as acting upon it.

The Old Testament concept of “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” (Exodus 21:24; Leviticus 24:20; Deuteronomy 19:21) is still one that permeates our minds. Even those who may have never stepped inside a place of worship have this as a part of their mindset.

We get into trouble right from the get-go in that this quote, which is from the Law You gave to Moses to give to Your people, was absolutely never meant to give us a license for revenge. My Life Application Study Bible states, “These laws were given to limit vengeance and help the court administer punishment that was neither too strict nor too lenient.”

So once again, Lord, You set us right side up in an upside-down world. The Amplified Bible Translation clearly states verse 39 communicating a full understanding,

“But I say to you, do not resist an evil person [who insults you or violates your rights]; but whoever slaps you on the right cheek, turn the other toward him also [simply ignore insignificant insults or trivial losses and do not bother to retaliate—maintain your dignity, your self-respect, your poise].”

It goes on to say in reference to the word slap: “In this context the ‘slap’ is not an act of violence, but more likely an insult or violation of one’s rights.”

Lord, as I look over my life I am not one to act out my thoughts of revenge but I must admit I think of it more often than I should. May I live out my life as You do – help me to “turn the other cheek.” Help me to love as You do. Amen.

Nov 26th, Sun, 6:27 am