Tooting My Own Horn

Good morning, Father. It is good to have this time, in the quiet of the early morning hours – just me and You. Help me to listen and learn, for there is no better teacher than You.

Matthew 6:1-4 (<<click the green)

Sometimes it’s hard to do something nice for someone and keep it a secret. Now sometimes the recipient will know but sometimes we are just so proud of ourselves we want to toot our own horn, as the saying goes.

In this passage, Lord, You admonish us to “Watch out!” when it comes to doing our “good deeds publicly, to be admired by others”. When we do so that is our reward and we forfeit the reward You would give us. Now, I truly have no idea what that reward would be but is there anything this world has to offer us that can hold a candle to what You have to offer us, Lord?

It’s interesting knowing a little of the background of this passage – it’s a bit of knowledge I picked up from a wonderful man of God that I had the privilege of serving under several years ago. The “trumpets in the synagogues” were receptacles for offerings and for some of those able to give generously it was probably a great temptation to throw in a handful of coins letting anyone in the vicinity know that they had made a sizeable donation.

Lord, what is my motivation for doing and giving? Is my goal to receive praise for myself? Or am I striving to point others to You? May I be diligent in doing all I can do but help me be equally as diligent in not doing it for my glory. I don’t want to be guilty of tooting my own horn! Your rewards are worth waiting for!

Nov 28th, Tues, 6:32 am