Investments of the Heart

Tonight as I sit at the PC, Father, I think back on a day where Your grace carried us from beginning to end. Karen and I had the opportunity to travel with family to see more family. We are blessed to be able to do so. Our times of fellowship were fulfilling and we were given traveling mercies to and from. May we cherish the times we have been given and give You the praise for all we have been given.

Matthew 6:19-21 (<<click the green)

Each day, Lord, I make investments. I invest my time and energies into a variety of things. The question is, am I investing in things that are temporary or things that are of eternal value. Today we invested in eternal things.

We visited with an uncle of Karen’s who is recovering from a stroke he had last spring. It has been a long and arduous trip for him and his wife. But great strides have been made. And though there are still many opportunities he is doing so well. We may not have contributed to his physical advancement but the time taken, the words of encouragement spoken, just seeing him so much further along than he was at the beginning, each of those things are eternal investments in ones we love – we are storing our treasures in heaven. We were uplifted and I pray we lifted them up as well. Each of us is blessed to be a part of the whole.

The benefits of those investments are obvious to see. But what about tomorrow? I am back to work. We are in a time of transition – cutting back one line of product to make room for another new line of product. How in the world can I store my treasures in heaven in that setting? By doing my job well and with a joyful heart, I cast a reflection of You to those around me. I will interact with fellow associates and customers throughout the day and once again I will have opportunity to invest in them. I can choose to lift them up. I can reflect Your presence in my life by loving them and being an encouragement to them in their lives.

No matter what I do, may my heart show where my treasure is. Amen.

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