White as Snow

Father, this day did not go as planned. Lots of snow, lots of shoveling, not feeling well, calling off work, resting, times of quiet – but all with You by my side. Thank You for Your ever-abiding presence.

With the snow today, Lord, I wanted to find a poem – and I did!

“WHITE AS SNOW”  by Michelle Mickey L © 2003

Purity, my Father sees me in purity
Not with the eyes of man
Who judge according to what they see
But according to His love
That’s how my Father sees me

And He doesn’t see me the way I see myself
Strange and useless through all my extremes
He sees me as His precious child
The one He sent His Son to redeem

In purity, as clean and as White as Snow
That’s how my Father in Heaven sees me
For He knows that’s what I need
In order for me to grow

He sees me in sparkling white
As white as snow can be
That’s how my Heavenly Father feels
When He takes a look at me

If this is the kind of love
My Heavenly Father wants to show
Then why do I have to question it
When it’s something I need to know?

Feb 7th, 2018, Wed, 7:22 pm

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