Use Us Where We Are

Father, thank you for such a wonderful day yesterday. I am thinking particularly about Your presence at church but am also grateful for Your presence being with Karen and I for the rest of the day. I humbly request that You will always keep me close to Your side – help me not to be so “prone to wander.” I love You and want to be with You!

Philippians 2:25-30 (<<click here)

This morning, Lord, You have prompted me to prayer for those who give of themselves sacrificially to serve where I cannot be, not necessarily because I couldn’t be, but because I am being used by You here.

I think of the Radcliffs – they’ve sacrificed comfort and conveniences by going to Papua New Guinea (though it’s better than it used to be). They’ve given up being close to family in the states (the Steven’s have sacrificed, too). They’ve foregone good salaries (I’m sure they have debt from their education). Please protect them and direct them, keep them safe, and enable them to touch lives for You as no others can do. Draw them close to You so they will remain true to You in their own hearts and minds.

I think of the Gideon’s and Wycliffe Association who are diligently working to get Your Word to the world.

I pray for the many Christian organizations working in Tibet providing comfort and support to those who have lost so much. I think of the men and women who serve in our armed forces across the globe – help them to be close to You today – protect them, help them to serve You in all they do. I pray for Massey and the Cypress Bible Church (TX) crew as they finish up the house today. I pray that this experience will have a lasting impact on the workers and the homeowners. Be with the crew as they head back home and please keep them safe.

May 25th, Mon, 6:04 am