Father and Son (and Mom, too!)

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Father, today is a new day, the beginning of a new week. Thank You so much for being with us in worship yesterday. We dealt with some challenging topics but I am grateful that You were there to guide and direct. Indeed Your “loving kindnesses… never cease” …Your “compassions never fail. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3:22-23) We, all of humanity, are so blessed. We dishonor and disobey You but You continue to love us and to show compassions towards us…You alone are faithful. Praise Your name!

Colossians 3:20-21 (<<click here)

Lord, looking back over the last 20+ years of my life make me wonder how kids turn out as good as they do and helps me to better understand why some struggle so. You gave us a wonderful gift almost 23 years ago when Massey was born. We have shared many wonderful things together and we are truly blessed to have walked this journey together. He is by no means perfect but I would say that he has fulfilled Your command to be obedient – honoring his mother and I.

I readily admit that I am by no means perfect. Parenting is a very complicated task. I have not always acted wisely but You have patiently worked with me, too. As a young father I recall leaning toward that “aggravating” side of this much too frequently The pride of my youth played way too big a role in the kind of father I was and for good or bad, part of who Massey is, is forever cast.

But Lord again I am so grateful that you got it through my thick skull to get off that destructive path. When he was in his early teens my whole mind set changed. I came to realize that some of the things I had in my mind as important, simply put, were not important. Lord, You enabled me to become a better father. Again, I was far from perfect, but You helped me to pause and think through so many things before I acted. Your love helped guide my love.

My role as Massey’s father continues to change as he continues to transition into new areas of life. We are both learning and growing and I am so grateful that You have given me the privilege, Lord, of helping me to raise this young man, helping him to become the fine individual he is today.

I would again ask that You would continue to guide and direct us both as we stride into the future. Help he and I to love each other and those around us with the same fierce love with which You have loved us.

June 29th, Mon, 5:37 am

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