Driven by Love

Once again, Father, I sit here and I’m in the same place I was yesterday…. We were so blessed with an outpouring of Your presence in both services yesterday morning – I am so grateful. Then yesterday afternoon my attitudes and actions went everywhere but where they should have been. I don’t know if it’s because I’m weary from a lot of extra physical labor this past week, so my defenses are down or what but, Father, I need an attitude adjustment! And it’s the kind that only You can perform. With the utmost of reverence I bow at Your feet… Be merciful on this old sinner. I am nothing and cannot survive this life without You. Please forgive me, heal me, and realign me. Only in You can I be made whole!

1 Timothy 3:1-13 (<<click here)

What a list of attributes worthy of aspiration on the part of every believer! Lord, Paul gives a fine list of qualities for which leaders, such as myself, should seek and strive. So many eyes are upon us. Most importantly Your eyes, Lord. Each and every day my goal must be to do what pleases You. And, yes, part of it is adhering to guidelines set in Your Word – that is very important – but I truly believe that my love for You must be the strongest driving factor. I can follow all the proper rules and regulations in my relationship with Karen but if I am not motivated by love for her things start to fall apart, selfishness worms its way in, apathy and self-inflicted blindness begin to take its toll on our relationship. It is magnified even more so in my relationship with You, Jesus. Love has to be my motivator. Time and time again You show me Your love for me Repeatedly, I see examples of love that others have for You. Help me to love You more and more. That is what will keep me true, that will adjust my attitude. Please, help me to clearly see Your love for me – that alone is motivation enough.

Lord Jesus, Your eyes are upon me but so are the eyes of everyone around me. For good or for bad, people see what I say or do. Most of the time I am a good reflection of You… but way too often I am not. Please, enable me to allow Your love to fill me each and every day so I can be a lighthouse that will guide others away from danger and that will guide them safely into harbor of Your love and grace!

September 7th, Mon, 6:30 am1