Father, I am so grateful for Your presence in my daily life. My only regret is that I am not more attuned to You. I know that I have improved and that I do hear Your voice more frequently then I used to but I’m sure there are times when You speak that I just don’t hear. I am truly grateful for what I do hear but long to be more guided by You. I would ask that You would help me develop the habit of listening, then taking action, when You speak to me. I am Your vessel, Father, use me as You will. Amen – so be it.

1 Timothy 4:1-5 (<<click here)

As my study Bible reminds me, Lord, “the last times” began with Your resurrection and we are surely in the midst of them 2000 years later! Just as Paul had to deal with false teachers, so do we.

Lord, there are so many things in regards to You and Your Word that have become distorted. I pray that You would continue to encourage me to be a faithful student of Yours. I am by no means infallible but I strive to build my life upon the firm foundation which You have laid.

My biggest need in this area is knowing when to speak and what to say when discrepancies arise. I realize some things are not important but other things are essential and are not to be twisted or pulled out of context. Enable me to discern truth and falsehood and after doing so, I would ask for wisdom and courage as well. May I be patient or pointed as each situation dictates.

Again, Lord, You have guided my thoughts to the direction of Your Word ! Before I had ever read this morning’s passage You had pointed me in the direction You wanted me to go. What better place for me to place my faith than in my Creator and Savior – my God who sees the big picture of life and sets my course for what is best!

Sept 10, Thurs, 7:17 am

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  1. My desire is to obey when the Lord speaks to my heart….dear Kord help me know when to speak and what to say when I do speak!

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