Right Reflection

Father, as the rain continues to come down it reminds me of one of its many benefits – it cleans the area of pollen and such that affect so many with allergies. With the naked-eye we can’t see it in the air but the rain saves so many from suffering. And remembering that makes me think of something so much greater – the sacrifice You made by giving Your one and only Son to save me! His blood raining down on me cleanses me from all sin when I repent and turn to You for forgiveness. I cannot see the act but I give You praise that the shedding of His blood saves so many from suffering eternal separation from You. All praise and Glory to You!

1 Timothy 4:11-13 (<<click here)

Lord, reading this passage affirms the fact that service in Your kingdom has nothing to do with age. Young or old, infants in the faith or seasoned saints we are called to “be an example to all believers in what [we] say, in the way [we] live, in [our] love, [our] faith, and [our] purity.” I realize Paul was encouraging Timothy here in his ministry but I think he would agree that loving this way is not just an example to believers but is a great example to everyone! Reflecting Christ’s example of living each day changes lives.

Lord, every day and in many varying situations I interaction with a very diverse group of people many ages, races, and creeds. Help me to live such a life of transparency that all they see is You! And not just their preconceived notions of who You are but the reality of who You are. I pray that I would always speak, live and love in such a way that You would shine forth!

Sept 12th, Sat, 7:36 am