Father, what a night! After 2:00, tossing and turning and nonsensical dreams were the norm! I don’t know what was going on but I give this day to You, Father. Use me as You will, help me attune to Your voice so I may be used of You. Impact the world through me!

1 Timothy 4:12-16

Lord, Barnabas was known as “the son of encouragement” but this was one of Paul’s gifts, too – no wonder they made such a great team for ministry! The notes in my study Bible* are very inspirational and are a great model to follow. When we love people this is what we should do!

“Apparently Timothy needed some encouragement. Most likely, so do many people around you. Each day we have many opportunities to support and inspire family members, fellow workers, and even total strangers. People need help and affirmation all along the way. Paul modeled six important principles to help us encourage others:

  1. Begin with encouragement. People who know we will encourage them will be happy to work with us.
  2. Expect others only what you expect of yourself. People will resist being held to unfair standards.
  3. Develop expectations of others with consideration for their skills, maturity, and experience. People will reject or fail to meet expectations that do not fit them. Be patient with distracted or slow learners.
  4. Monitor your expectation of others – changing circumstances sometimes require revised or reduced expectations.
  5. Clarify your expectations with others. People are not likely to hit a target that no one has identified.
  6. End with encouragement. People love to be thanked for a job well done.”

Loving others sometimes comes easily, other times – not so much. I love many of the people I work with at Kohl’s and serve with at church, it comes naturally. 🙂 But others, I really have to work at loving.

Lord, help me to love people. Help me to see them as You do. Help me to listen “between the words.” Help me to be an encourager for You!

Sept 14th, Mon, 6:43 am

*New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible

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  1. Wow! I needed this one especially after this week and you are right on when it comes to being encouraged and also the need to give encouragement it really has to be a balancing act at times. Thanks for being there each day.

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