Sown Seed

As I look to this day ahead, Father, I would ask for Your strength and wisdom. Help my focus to be on You. Every task and every thought may Your presence embody them. Fill me and liberally use me this day.

2 Timothy 2:2 (<<click here)

Lord, many years ago a seed was planted in me. As the years have gone by that seed has grown and produced other seeds. Some of the resulting crop has been re-planted in me so I can continue to reap a harvest. Other portions of the resulting crop has been planted in others. As You so clearly proclaimed in the parable of the sower (Mathew 13:1-23) I really have little control over the type or soil that my seed is sown upon. The seed of course is the truth found in Your Word – the Bible.

I willingly received the seed sown in me so long ago and I have, for the most part, been diligent in cultivating a healthy crop throughout my life. There have been less productive times, times when I gardened the way I though best or disregarding the Master Gardner’s directions and wisdom. On occasion I have allowed my crop to grow amongst thorns or on shallow ground but thankfully You have given me a “love that will not let me go” and I have been repeatedly drawn back to Your side. What would I do without You?

So if this is how I respond to the truth of Your Word planted in me then I am better able to understand how others respond when You enable me to sow this “seed” in their lives. I have no control over if the seed will reproduce in the soil of other people’s lives but I must remain diligent.

As a child of the Mater Gardener I am responsible to put my best efforts into tending the crops. I must do my best to watch and weed and fertilize. I plant some seeds but others have planted too. Lord, help me to be attentive. Help me to love and appreciate those who readily receive and those who are more resistant. I would pray that we would all be diligent sowers of the seed.

Nov 3rd, Tue, 5:03 am

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