Hold Nothing Back

Father, there’s something special about this time of the day. The only thing my senses pick up is the muffled sound of vehicles zooming by. But in here it is quiet and peaceful, my day has only begun. And there is no better way to start my day than with You. In the quiet of this time may I hear Your still, small voice and may it set the tone for the day.

2 Timothy 2:3-7 (<<click here)

Lord, reading this brief passage has my mind going all kinds of directions. Help me to focus on what You want me to see and then please enable me to apply it to my life.

Fulfilling Your call on my life, Lord, is a worthy task. But though it is worthy, it does not mean that it will be easily attained. It doesn’t just happen. It’s not easy. Following You requires a solid determination. It will take daily focus and application .Living a life worthy of Your call, no goal is higher.

Paul’s examples of a soldier, an athlete and a farmer all point to individuals with high expectations. To achieve their goals means lots of hard work, discipline and self-sacrifice. Each of them must be all in – partial commitment won’t cut it! If I am to be an ambassador of the Good News I have to be all in or I won’t really be affective. I can say I follow You but until I totally invest myself in accomplishing that goal I will have little impact.

One of my struggles through life is seeing what You do with what I invest with my life. You can take a little and multiply it exponentially!

And there lies my struggle – quite often, even though I want my investment to be large it is small. I start off big and fizzle out way too early. What would it look like if I gave every bit of myself and stayed the course? What would You be able to do with that?

Lord, help me to be what I am capable of being! No more excuses! Empower me! Embolden me! Help me to give it my all and to hold nothing back!

Nov 4th, Wed, 5:46 am